Saturday May 25th, 2024
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6 Arabic Films to Look Forward to this Eid in Egyptian Cinemas

Stuck in Cairo this Eid? Whether you want to go on a dinner and movie date, or want to do family outings old school style, here's your list...

Staff Writer

6 Arabic Films to Look Forward to this Eid in Egyptian Cinemas

With Eid just around the corner, going to the cinema is inevitable for those stuck in Cairo. Sometimes, we go for the atmosphere of Eid itself, and sometimes, we actually anticipate particular movies that are scheduled to come out in the blooming season of all that's screen-worthy. While we often find a lot of films that are absolutely dreadful, we're intending to avoid that mistake this time, and we decided these films would probably be our best bet if we're looking into entertainment under the themes of action or social and black comedies.

Gawab E3teqal (Detention Letter)

Starring Egypt's favourite outlaw, Mohamed Ramadan, Sayyed Ragab, Dina El Sherbini, Eman El Assy and Mohammed Adel, the film follows the story of a young man, Khaled El Degwi, who is recruited by extremist jihadists. His brother, Ahmed, later joins as well. However, when his brother is killed, he is devastated and decides he must seek revenge from the extremists. At the same time, authorities issue an arrest warrant against him, and he's left torn between both worlds. 

7amlet Freezer (The Freezer Campaign)

The hilarious Hesham Maged, Shiko, Bayyoumi Fouad, along with the charming Nesrine Amin, the screenplay places ironic situations in a surreal story line – it begins with temperatures reaching the ultimate freezing point in Egypt, and so a team of national security officers travel to Italy on a mission to get their hands on technology that can stop the frost. They thought the best way to disguise would be to pretend they're actors, but maybe not... 

Elbes 3shan Khargeen (Get Dressed, We're Leaving)

Egypt's newest on-screen couple, Amy Samir Ghanem and Hassan El Raddad star together in a comedy guaranteed to make you love them even more, just like all their collaborations do. With a social take, the comedy features a couple who falls deeply in love, but, we're guessing life gets in the way... A lot. Because it's all about all the weird situations they get into throughout their relationship.

Laff W Dawran (Beating Around the Bush)

Anything with Ahmed Helmy is going to be good. The film stars the iconic comedian with Egypt's sweetheart, Donia Samir Ghanem, as well as the beautiful Gamila Awad. The film is one of Egypt's few dark comedies, mostly focusing on problems women face in society, and the ways they deal with it, all through the perspective of one guy who works as a tour guide. Silver screen veterans Bayyoumi Fouad, Mimi Gamal, Sabrine and Sayyed Ragab are also gracing the film with their unmatched presence. 

Ta7t El Tarabeiza (Under the Table)

Because what is Eid without some Mohammed Saad acting like a complete idiot to get us laughing? This time, he has Nermine El Fekky, Hassan Hosny, Menna Fadali, Lotfi Labib, and Ezzat Abououf goofing around with them. Basically, a respectable lawyer gets in a train accident, and from there, he transforms into a complete whole other person – Hanakko, who is a definitely not fit to be a lawyer. However, he is somehow in court defending big names in the country... Just imagine.

Kalb Baladi (Stray Dog)

Ahmed Fahmy never fails to bring fantasy to the screen. This film is about a man who has superpowers, and for a living, he steals stray dogs and sells them. The good part? He learned how to do that (It is not as easy as it sounds, we tried). The best part? He got his superpowers from his mother, a dog named Fresca, who breastfed and raised him. Can you imagine how much this film will make you laugh?

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