Saturday May 25th, 2024
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7 Egyptian Actors Who Should Be Cast in Disney’s Upcoming Aladdin Remake

Egyptian casting director Marwa Gabriel will be hiring Middle Eastern actors for Guy Ritchie's upcoming live-action movie and we thought we'd do some parallel fantasy casting of our own!

Staff Writer

7 Egyptian Actors Who Should Be Cast in Disney’s Upcoming Aladdin Remake

Disney has announced that a new live-action version of Aladdin is coming out soon. Fortunately, the casting director is born-and-bred Egyptian acting coach Marwa Gabriel and they will be casting Middle Eastern actors for the film to make it more authentic. We know casting actors for such a major project can be quite the daunting task, so this is giving Ms. Gabriel a hand, and if Disney should deviate from our casting 'suggestions', we will be coming back with list after list until they comply.

Karim Kassem as Aladdin

Karim Kassem is our pick for Aladdin, look at the picture above and you'll understand, they both have the same smile. Kassem is a little too fair to play Aladdin, but that’s nothing that a few days under the sun won’t fix. A tan would really help his career because it will make him way more attractive to women. He’s going to have to do something about his curly hair, so we advise that he checks where Maged El Masry gets his hair straightened and he's good to go.

Ruby as Princess Jasmine

You may know her from her provocative music videos where she inexplicably does her workout routine on the elliptical while singing about bae. Egyptian sweetheart Ruby is our pick for Princess Jasmine and we won’t accept anyone else. Look at her, she was born to be Jasmine! Yo, Ritchie, you can find her audition tape on Youtube, look up Ruby Enta Aaref Leih. You're welcome. 

Carpet as The Magic Carpet

As for the Magic Carpet, Oriental Weavers’ carpets have withstood the harsh cleaning habits of Egyptian housewives for years, so flying can’t be too hard a job. We advise you steer clear of their plainer designs and go for something a little more elaborate, it’s a magic carpet after all, not a budget carpet for your guest room.

Abd El Basset Hamouda as Genie 

We know Abd El Basset Hamouda is a singer, but we can't help but picture the genie singing Hamouda’s Salefny De7ketak while imprisoned inside the lamp, then signing Abos Le Ro7y Fag2a upon his release. Plus, Hamouda is not going to need much makeup because of his undeniable genie features!

This Guy as Iago

We don’t know who this guy is signed with and we think Disney may have a hard time locating his agent, but he will be worth it. Good leads for Disney would be those Vodafone ads, also those Etisalat ads oh, wait didn’t he also do ads for Orange?

Amr Waked as Jafar

We are going to let the uncanny resemblance in the images above speak for themselves. But we would like to suggest that Jafar’s snake cane be played by Ahmed El Sakka, please.

Yehia El Fakharany as The Sultan

He played Go7a, he played a king, he played a 3omda (mayor), he’s basically done every role imaginable. Jasmine’s father will be a walk in the park for Fakharany, we just hope he’s not too busy doing theatre.