Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Bassita Launches New Campaign To Send Children To The Red Sea

Click-funding do-gooders, Bassita, team up with Safarni to give 30 underprivileged children from Sohbet Khair the opportunity to see the Red Sea for the first time.

Staff Writer

Bassita Launches New Campaign To Send Children To The Red Sea

Good news for people who want to help Egypt but are too lazy to actually do anything. Returning for yet another heartwarming campaign is our community partner and Egypt’s favourite click-funding organisation, Bassita. Proving that a simple click of a mouse can provide much-needed help for Egyptians that are struggling, Bassita turns their focus toward underprivileged children, launching the Why is the Red Sea Red campaign that aims to send these kids on their first nautical adventure to Egypt’s beloved sea.

Egypt is fortunate enough to have not only one but two sea coasts, with the Mediterranean stretching 1,050 KM and the Red Sea covering another 800 KM. Despite an abundance of beaches, much of the coasts are closed off to the public, leaving what is arguably a majority of the coast only accessible to those with money. Looking to give 30 underprivileged children from Sohbet Khair an opportunity to see and get their first taste of the Red Sea, Bassita has teamed up with Safarni and created a video. If the video manages to reach 30,000 views, they will be able to cover their expenses to ensure these children have a day they will never forget.

The video is adorable and only runs for a minute and thirty seconds, with excited children explaining why they think the Red Sea is red, amongst a host of equally fun questions. The answers alone have the potential to make this cute video viral, but all that is really needed is 30,000 clicks of the mouse to give these kids a memorable experience.

According to co-founder of Bassita, Alban de Menonville, “We must cherish oceans. During this trip we will raise awareness on the importance of preserving the oceans, treating them as a gift of nature and a source of life, not only as barriers or sources of income.” Bringing click-funding to Egypt, Bassita's previous campaigns have been successful in providing much-needed glasses to artisans in need, and have also used their click-funding model to transform barren walls into colourful forms of expression. Proving that a simple click of the mouse can make a meaningful change, Bassita were recently awarded the Orange African Social Venture Prize for developing this Egyptian-based click-funding idea.

Meanwhile, Safarni is a wonderful initiative that creates opportunities that will allow underprivileged children who have never travelled to experience the thrills of intercultural adventures. “We are always simulating travel experiences, and it is amazing to have the opportunity to finally take children on a real live trip to feel the magic of traveling and see something new,” explains founder of Safarni, Raphaelle Ayach. Needless to say, the teaming up with Bassita is the perfect pairing of do-gooders to benefit impoverished Egyptian children.

Check your Facebook feed and we guarantee you will find someone posting about Egypt’s problems but often failing to propose solutions. Instead of posting and feeling like you made a difference, try making an actual difference by simply clicking on this video and giving these children the chance to see what many of us take for granted.

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