Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Egypt's Instagram Hairo

Photographer, physician and all-round legend, Egyptian Ahmad Abi has reached coveted Instagram fame. Check out his hilarious images below.

Staff Writer

Egypt's Instagram Hairo

A lot of Egyptians have Afro-like hair, so as a kid in school it was rather fun to start sticking pens and other objects in your curls, see how many you could fit in, that kind of thing. Physician and part-time photographer Ahmad Abi has taken this to a whole new level that has landed a feature of him on the coveted Instagram Blog that shines a spotlight on the most ingenuine and artsy projects people are using Instagram for. Abi has already ammassed over 30,000 followers.

"Originally a submission for the Weekend Hashtag Project on 2014 resolutions (#WHPresolutions2014). Ahmad stuffed his hair full of yellow rubber ducks he had bought in 2013 but never got round to doing anything with. Instead of creating a project about yellow rubber ducks, Ahmad had given birth to a creative and amusing new photo series on Instagram."

The photo series shows Abi stuffing his hair with a specific type of object (hence the hashtag #stuffedhair) in a curated way, whilst fashioning different accessories with the same type of object. The result is rather charming, slapstic, highly exposed photos accented by some ridiculous facial features. He told Instagram “I hope to inspire others to open their eyes, to do what they love and to discover more about what they can do, because when I started photography three years ago, I didn’t know I would be doing conceptual/creative photography. I really love it when someone says my photos cheer them up because they are colorful and funny.”

Check out some more of the hairlarious, cockle warming shots below and follow Abi on Instagram here.