Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Kitch's Creative New Group Art Exhibition

Kitch Restaurant & Bar has tapped a slew of sensational artists across the city for a unique group art exhibition set to take place this Saturday that will blend culture and cuisine.

Staff Writer

Kitch's Creative New Group Art Exhibition

There’s no shortage of restaurants in Egypt featuring cuisine from all around the world, to cater to every taste and every budget. It would seem very hard if not impossible for a new conceptual restaurant with a different edge to open its doors locally. Aiming for more than just the pleasures of your taste buds, Kitch is also a visually appealing experiment; the modern day Mediterranean brassiere with a raw edge has a warehouse inspired décor with walls lined with plenty of street art.

Kitch, as part of a cultural exercise is hosting an art exhibition this Saturday the 7th November, inviting a group of Egyptian artists from different generations to contribute customised art pieces that are in line with the restaurant and its unique ambiance. The artworks which will be displayed were specially created by the artists to capture Kitch's essence.

The idea of the entire evening is very Soho, New York, having patrons enjoy their exquisite unique meals, while simultaneously experiencing the urban vibrant art that is bred locally.

Free Chlorophyll Water by Aya Tarek

The acclaimed artists whose work will be displayed include, but aren't limited to, Aya Tarek, Hebattullah Ragab, Lina Mowafy, Mounaz and Aya AbdelRaouf of Okhtein, and Nour Omar of Marsuma Designs, as well as many others who are prominent in their fields.

Le Violet Asperges by Hebatallah Ragab 

With cosy and comfortable interiors, friendly staff, and a one of a kind menu, Kitch is should definitely be on your radar, if you’re seeking a thrilling dining experience in Katameya Heights. And if you're looking for a side of art with your meal, then this weekend's art exhibition is right up your alley!

Below is a full list of the artists exhibiting.

Tuline El Chourbagui
Mounaz Abdelraouf
Aya Abdelraouf
Nour Omar
Nour Socrat
Nermine Amer
Aya Tarek
Melina Argyriou
Hany Rashed
Tasnem El Meshad
Lina Mowafy
Sarah El Samman
Hebatallah Raggab
Aya El Fallah
Ahmed El Kutt
Ahmed Talal

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @kitchcairo