Thursday June 1st, 2023
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New Egyptian Anti-Sexual Harassment Photo Campaign Takes on Witnesses Who Stay Silent

'Your Silence is Harassment' is the name of a daring new campaign, aiming to raise awareness about the role bystanders can play in combating the social epidemic.

Staff Writer

A campaign shedding light on the passive role of silent bystanders in sexual harassment cases was released on Facebook, by a page titled Marwa Ragheb Photography, Al Arabiya reports. The visually captivating campaign, titled Your Silence is Harassment, shows silent bystanders with a tape slashed across their mouths, labelling them of being partners-in-crime with harassers.

"In all forms of harassment, women are the ones who are blamed. They are even blamed when they react or try to defend themselves," says photographer Marwa Ragheb to Al Arabiya. "Women are constantly reminded of lowering their voices, meanwhile, men who are supposed to provide protection, don’t stand up or speak for us."