Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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Stunning New Instagram Account Captures 'Ballerinas of Cairo' in Action

Ballerinas are gracefully scurrying across our city to bring our souls back from the dead. Where did we manage to catch them? Instagram, of course.

Staff Writer

Stunning New Instagram Account Captures 'Ballerinas of Cairo' in Action

To the onlooker, ballet seems ethereal and delicate, but only an insider knows how cruel and soul-crushing it can be at times. Our city is a lot like ballet; it is beautiful when you look at it from tall buildings and airplanes, but it is only when you look through the magnifying glass of reality that you see what ails it - the cracks in an otherwise picture perfect setting.And because the city could use some of ballet’s otherworldly splendour and rigid discipline, Ballerinas of Cairo graces your otherwise frothy Instagram feed with stunning imagery of some of the city’s most talented ballerinas dancing across the capital. Inspired by the Ballerina Project, Ballerinas of Cairo beautifully captures the city’s decadence, its downfall, but also its timeless grace. The ballerinas are perfectly positioned in the midst of all the urban madness and the city’s historical heritage. "We wanted to create the project to explore the beauty of the city and how diverse it is, with an intention to spread the idea of shooting in the streets of Cairo," project founder Mohamed Taher tells us.  We often forget how beautiful this place is and how awesome it is to live in a city that is as old as the world itself. Ballerinas of Cairo is a project about the city, the potential that dwells within it and the nameless talents that walk these streets. "We want to make this project a hub for photographers and dancers in Cairo for more art collaborations," Taher says.

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