Monday December 11th, 2023
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Them Cairo Doors: The Instagram Account Archiving the City's Hidden Beauty

This political science professor gives the doors of Cairo a whole new level of glamour with his snappy photography skills.

Staff Writer

Doors are pretty great, aren’t they? Some of my most favourite things in life have doors; bathrooms, ice cream places, Kokio and opportunity. But I’ve hardly ever thought to stop and think about the aesthetic of a door (although some doors are pretty sexy). However, there exists a man who sees the hidden beauty in a doorway; a man who sees doors as not just an obstacle between man and fried chicken, but a portal into organic storytelling and a bunch of other semi-poetic stuff I can’t see beyond cool-looking pictures of doors. This man is Jacob Bower-Bir; an Assistant Professor at the American University in Cairo and a master of doorography, as seen on his Instagram, @them_cairo_doors.

So without further a due, take a look at this guy’s doors, they’re pretty neat and have hinges.






#cairodoors #door #cairo #egypt #streetphotography #architecture #indiana

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#cairodoors #door #gate #cairo #egypt #streetphotography #architecture #indiana

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The guy really likes his doors - and so do I. So if you feel like perusing some more gateways and portals, check out his Instagram.