Thursday April 18th, 2024
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Uber Is Giving Football Fans Half Price Rides to Watch the AFCON Championship at Their FanZones

Uber Egypt are giving football fans half price rides to and from their designated ‘FanZone’, where they can watch the AFCON Championships for free.

Staff Writer

Uber Is Giving Football Fans Half Price Rides to Watch the AFCON Championship at Their FanZones

Imagine getting into an Uber like you usually do, to get to a party, or to a friend's house, or even to buy groceries to find that your driver is in fact a famous football player. Oh, what a great opportunity this is to finally get tips on how to become a famous football player! But what if your football player of a driver demonstrates his tips on the road as he drives, to show you what he means by an offside, or how to slide to the left?

In case you’re weirded, we’re merely giving you food for thought – sorry in advance to everyone who was hoping Essam El-Hadary was going to be their driver, ma3lesh.

However, Uber knows exactly how much Egyptians love their football, just as much as they love their football players, and are offering you half price rides to one of their designated ‘FanZone’ hotspots. At each FanZone, you can watch the Africa Cup of Nations on a gigantic screen among screaming Egyptians who are just as enthusiastic as you are about football, for free.To show us how unique the FanZone experience is, Uber have collaborated with to bring us videos featuring football celebrities who indeed demonstrate their renowned and unique football skills on the road as an Uber driver, with the premise that ‘what works on the field won’t work on the road’. Likewise, what works on the FanZone’s enormous screens, won’t work on our computer screens! There are two FanZone’s in Egypt - one in Cairo and the other in Alexandria. By using the promo code ‘FanZoneCairo’ or ‘FanZoneAlex’ respectively; Uber will give you two half price rides – to and from the FanZone - because let’s be real, streaming the match in Egypt totally sucks, and beIN Sports subscriptions are expensive. Nonetheless, nothing beats a cheap ride to watch Egypt’s performance on a gigantic screen for free.

You can watch the videos to warm up for your ride. They feature El-Hany Soliman’s snail like tendencies, strategically calculated to waste playing time on the field, Magdy Abdelghani’s know it all spirit, and the voice of commentator and TV host, Medhat Shalaby, as GPS.