Friday June 14th, 2024
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Your Walls Need to SAI What You Want

Have you ever seen a wall full of things you wanted to take down, run home with, and put up in your own place? Don't. Just get SAI to create them.

Staff Writer

Your Walls Need to SAI What You Want

You finally made a move out of your parents' house and found a perfect apartment 3la 2addek. You're getting yourself new things you need, like cups and utensils and what not, and then you finally settle and realise your walls are plain. Where is teita’s ‘canva’ of the horses and the flowers? Where is mama’s niche taking up the entire wall?! Where is that tacky thing — you never quite understood — tante folana got and it has to sit on the wall 3shan matez3alsh? Where is your parents' awkward wedding photo that confirms you were awkwardly created? Welcome to adulthood - you didn't know cooking or cleaning were that difficult, and now you’re discovering how lifeless your walls can be as you literally sit between four walls, contemplating the reality that the only wall you ever had control over was on Facebooks – or the one you built between you and your ex.But, deep down, you know you don’t miss that stuff as much as you just need something to stare at on your wall when you’re making horrible life decisions or trying to take a nap when you’re in a good enough mood to curl up on your couch. Cue looking through Tumblr and Pinterest for wall decor ideas you probably won't be able to pull off. It’s okay. Once you find something that makes you smile and get all tingly, hit save. Then show it to SAI and ask them to make it come to life. Sai what? Yeah, these guys make wall decorations of every sort and are out “to capture everything that inspire them, and may inspire others.” Finally, someone gets you!SAI has a buttload of designs, colours, sizes, and materials that can be creative, bold, and simple. Aside from its own collection, SAI also does customised designs on demand. Go ahead and Google things you love as you've always done when you tried to mentally escape your parents’ home: movie lines and posters, cheesy inspirational quotes, baby animals, Disney cartoons, vintage photographs; it’s your home now, you’re allowed to be corny. We promise they won’t judge what you want to have on that wall, regardless of whether you're “the guy with a funny little studio, the team who works at a new startup, the couple who are decorating their beach house, the dentist who is opening his new clinic, the fashion designer who’s adding a trendy touch on the walls, or the new gym that needs motivational quotes," Haydi Koussa, one of the co-founders, promises.Basically, you and everyone you know can go straight to them with your idea in hand and end up bringing life to that wall to keep you company during your daydreaming and to distract from things crawling on that wall when your friends come over. We know you can have weird and Phoebe-ish tendencies, but we'll trust that you’re artistic and have taste. Hey, they don’t mind — we've got co-founder Karim Sadek's guarantee that all they want to do is “spread eccentric vibes all around and to create designs that suits every person.” 

After you Google all your favourite crap, find SAI on Facebook and on Instagram.