Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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#EgyPoliceTipsToUS: Twitter Sarcasm Overload

A hashtag has exploded in popularity, featuring satirical parodies of Egypt's call on the authorities in Ferguson to show "restraint" in dealing with protesters.

Staff Writer

#EgyPoliceTipsToUS: Twitter Sarcasm Overload

Social media went crazy in the hours following Egypt's epic trolling call for US police to 'show restraint' when dealing with protesters in the town of Ferguson.

People across the planet reacted with a mixture of shock, amusement and general disbelief following the statement that came just days after the anniversary of the Rabaa massacre.

The stunt, which we assume is just one big joke, was followed up by a TV appearance, in which an Interior Ministry official even went as far as giving US cops some on air tips for dealing with pesky protesters.

True to form, the internet broke - and this happened.

#EgyPoliceTipsToUS has already been used hundreds of times and the erm..."tips" are coming in quick and fast.

Here are just some of the best… although we sincerely hope that the Ferguson (and Egyptian) Police department officials have got their sarcasm detectors firmly switched on.