Saturday June 15th, 2024
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10 Times Barbican Put a Cherry on Our Eid

Gouna could not escape the unstoppable force of Barbican’s gigantic beachy shenanigans! Our Eid was nothing short of unforgettable memories, and here are 10 pictures in case you need proof. And you probably do.

Staff Writer

10 Times Barbican Put a Cherry on Our Eid

Face it – you probably would have spent your entire Eid being dragged from one 'delicious' 3ozooma to another where you end up secretly FaceTiming your cousin (who’s probably in Mykonos), and your mother scolding you every now and then in front of your 16-year-old niece. But who knew hanging out at Moods in Gouna playing around with gigantic volleyballs (and possibly bringing along the 16-year-old), going down huge slides (and possibly ditching the 16-year-old), along with taking a minimum of 15 breaks per hour to down a chilly Barbican, would turn Eid upside down like that?

Let’s say if we had the choice of going back in time to tell Jennifer Aniston that Brangelina would be over in 11 years or one more chilly gulp of Barbican World’s by the beach as the sun sizzles our vampire shells into golden havana, we’d surprisingly go with the latter. But shhh don’t tell anyone.

Here are some of our favourite picks:

 That time we played mega beach volleyball, because regular-sized volleyball just doesn’t cut it.
Barbican even cheered us on as we played mega beach volleyball – pyramid and all!It's fine. Regular-sized volleyballs can have Barbican too.That time we felt 12 again on the Barbican Slip and Slide.Then Barbican saved our lives from the salty Red Sea water.That time Barbican got us a hot date.But then we snuck away because cute people aren't that much into readers, yet Barbican was perfect company.That time Barbican was actually taller than us.And we found our eyes failing us as we gave Barbican the puppy look.Then we realized that England might be on our ring fingernail, but Barbican's in our hearts.

Find out more about Barbican World on their Instagram page @BarbicanWorld.
Photographed exclusively by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions. 
Photographers: Jan Selim, Johnny Zikry, Shortcake, and Hanafi.