Monday September 25th, 2023
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60 Years Without Soap

An Iranian man hasn't bathed or groomed himself in 60 years, proving to be the antithesis to the modern metrosexual...

Staff Writer

Does your boyfriend spend more time getting ready than you or are you fed up with his constant pouting and posing? Then why not ditch your fella for this fine specimen?

Silver fox Amoo Hadji, has been hailed by many as the ultimate answer to metro-sexuality, namby pambiness, and all those magazine articles about The Modern Man. Put simply, he hasn't exfoliated, got a stupid designer haircut or even showered in more than six decades.

Hunky Hadji has swapped girly soaps for a slightly scaly life as a hard-ass in rural Iran. His hobbies include walking, lying down and he even smokes a pipe. We mean, what an absolute dude - a pipe!

It's not known why he has decided to engage in extreme soap dodging but we can only assume it is because he wants to show today's girlie pseudo-men how it's done.

Ladies form an orderly queue and men start taking notes, you've got a lot to learn.