Wednesday June 19th, 2024
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7 Hilarious Ways Egyptians Welcomed Elizabeth Hurley To Luxor

British actress and model Elizabeth Hurley arrived in Luxor this past weekend, and Egyptians took to the Internet to make sure she knew they were happy about her visit.

Staff Writer

7 Hilarious Ways Egyptians Welcomed Elizabeth Hurley To Luxor

So, it might not be news to many that famous actress and model, Elizabeth Hurley, was in Luxor this past weekend. What some of you might have missed, though, are some of the unique, 100 percent pure Egyptian comments trending on Twitter regarding the Austin Powers and Bedazzled star’s arrival to Egypt’s Luxor. We couldn’t keep these precious gems to ourselves, so we had to share with you some of the most hilarious comments directed to the Briton online by Egyptians.

Said 'Minister of Twitter's Petroleum' tagged the actress, addressing her as 'el sett' Elizabeth and expressing his love for her in an Alexandrian accent. We're pretty sure 'el sett' was flattered. 

This guy had the best laid-out plan for entertaining the superstar, if only someone gave him the chance: a ride on the '7antour'; which definitely would have blown her mind.

Giving out precious (and free) advice to Hurley, Darwish advises her to avoid drinking from tap water and make sure the tea she orders is prepared with bottled water. After all, health is what's most important.

This guy quoting an Egyptian movie to mourn the state of Egyptians going all out and eating feseekh and onions while Elizabeth Hurley tours Luxor.

This chivalrous gentleman wondered why it is that none of the Luxor men sweet-talked her and 'did the deed'; shame.

The over-the-top dramatic poet who wrote a farewell in fos7a Arabic about Elizabeth Hurley leaving Egypt.


But perhaps the prize goes to this confused guy who is asking Hurley to identify which one of the three she is.