Saturday July 20th, 2024
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Another Christmas Party at Pacha 1901

Nothing to see here, just Another Christmas Party... Or, is it?

Staff Writer

Another Christmas Party at Pacha 1901

"Hey man, we're going to this Christmas party, want come with us?" said would-be-Christmas-party-goer-Number-One, to which would-be-Christmas-party-goer-Number-Two answered, "I don't know, bro; I might go to Another Christmas Party." Number One, wanting to find out more about this other Christmas party, questioned Number Two: "What is this other Christmas party you're going to?" Number Two replied, "Another Christmas Party. I just told you."

Now Number One started to get pissed; he thought Number Two was being mysterious about the whereabouts of the party he's going to because he didn't want Number One to come with him, which made it that much more intriguing. He started putting pressure on Number Two by saying, "You know if you don't want me to come with you, you can just tell me instead of being an asshole about it. I just told you I'm already going to another Christmas party so I don't really care if I can't come with you to that other party. I just wanted to know its name." Number Two was starting to get confused and angry at the same time - a very bad mix of emotions - so he shouted at Number One: "Well you can't come to the party I'm going to because it's guest list only, asshole, and you can't get on the guest list because anybody that should be on it already is, and I already told you the party's name twice! It's called Another Christmas Party, douchebag!"

Every year Cairo becomes saturated with Christmas parties claiming that they are THE party to go to, and every time we go to one of them we run the risk of either having a good time or spending the night drowned in our Christmas sorrows. It doesn't have to be that way; if you're afraid of taking risks and would rather spend Christmas celebrating at a reliably entertaining Christmas party, there is hope. Another Christmas Party is Karim Attallah and Mansour Hassan's serial Christmas party. These boys are experienced event organisers with a prolific profile of successful events under their belts; that said, we're sure this party is going to be epic. Their high-profile guest lists are known to feature the crème de la crème of Cairo's movers and shakers, and translates into a fantastic party vibe. Also, Amici On Wheels will be concocting the most delicious libations for your drinking pleasure! With DJs Asquared and AK on the bill supplying the soundtrack for the night, what could go wrong? Too bad you're not going! It sucks when all your friends are attending a party and you can't, but this is how the world is. Life goes on and tomorrow will be a better day. We're sorry, Number One, the guest list is closed!

Another Christmas Party is at Le Pacha 1901 on the 25th of this month. Open bar all night is supplied by Amici On Wheels; guest list only!