Friday June 14th, 2024
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Bill's Watches

We've just come across what could be this summer's biggest trend; a technicolour spectrum of dials and straps hitting Cairo in the next few weeks.

Staff Writer

Bill's Watches

Every summer, a new, random style trends sweeps Egypt. Remember those ubiquitous floral Amina K clutches? Remember the Ice Watch? They're always brightly hued (Egyptians go full Technicolour when beach season arrives) and everyone who's anyyone has one. We suspect Bill's Watches might just be one of 2014's summer trends.

The international Swiss brand has just landed in Egypt, featuring a range of fun and funky, creative watches, that shockingly, are not ridiculously overpriced (prices range from 200-700 LE)! They’ve got a million and one designs, all unisex, which is an added bonus, and in mainly in fresh summer shades. Their Classic range features solid hues, though mostly neon (hel-lo Sahel beach) and then they've got their Addict range, which is a little more creative and quirky with wristbands that feature cool patterns and designs.

Franchise owner Taymour Ismael says the hip brand will probably appeal to younger generations all year round, and for those of us who are no longer in middle school it will likely "be one of those summer things, something everyone on the beach is wearing." Essentially, you can buy one dial and "a hundred straps," says Ismael. "You can basically have a new watch every day." Considering how fickle the fashion fiends in Egypt are, we think this is fairly awesome as you can basically switch your watch strap daily to match your outfit!

The watches range from super-basic, single-hued styles to ones that are a little fancier and come with leather straps, for instance. The collection we're actually most intrigued by and looking forward to is the limited edition Curioos range, that essentially liberates digital art; transporting it from the screen and onto your wrist. They basically take the work of young artists, from what we've seen some seriously cool original abstract pieces, and materialise it, printing it on the straps. When you purchase the watch it also tells you the artist who created the initial piece, when they made it, and the concept behind the art.

The watches will officially be available in Egypt within the next few weeks, and after taking a browse through the Facebook page and the brand's official website we think we can definitely get behind these funky wrist-adorners.

You can check out their Facebook page here, or follow them on Instagram @bills_watches_egypt.