Friday December 8th, 2023
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Cairo Has Just Been Ranked As the Cheapest "Big City" In the World

Cheap cheap livin'

Staff Writer

Cairo has been ranked as the World’s cheapest "big city" according to a survey by Swiss Bank UBS.

The survey called "cost of living in cities around the world" ranked 77 big cities by purchasing power and earnings, and our beloved Cairo took the bottom spot. Just to put things in perspective – on average, a haircut in Cairo costs $7.50, while you would pay $94.30 in Zurich, the city that topped the list. How the hell can you justify a hundred dollar haircut? Egyptian bus drivers, on the other hand, earn around $860 a year, while those in Luxembourg earn around $99,241 a year. Wow, that means they earn over 100 times more. Hmm... I wonder if Luxembourg is short on bus drivers.

The most expensive Asian City is Tokyo which ranked 10th, while New York, known for its ridiculously overpriced rent, is the most expensive in North America, ranking in at 5th.

If you want to know more, and even run your own price analysis, head to the UBS microsite.

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