Saturday June 15th, 2024
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UPDATE: Cairo Rejoices As Lebleba Has Been Found

Citizens of the city can now breathe a sigh of relief as Cairo's most famous parrot has finally been found.

Staff Writer

UPDATE: Cairo Rejoices As Lebleba Has Been Found

Lebleba's owner Hassan Abouelrouss, who heads the band Rock and Lol, has confirmed through his Facebook page that the parrot has finally been found. Lebleba, who went missing earlier this week, had Abouelrouss offering a reward of LE 10 000 to anyone who found his beloved parrot.

Abouelrouss’s Facebook has been littered with congratulatory messages ever since Lebleba's safe return, after he posted a photo of him, the parrot and Shaaban who found the parrot, with the hashtag #شكراً_شعبان_لبلبه_في_أمان‬ (thank you Shaaban, Lebleba is safe).

Shaaban, a gardener who works in Shorouk, found the parrot in the garden and told the owners who happened to know Abouelrouss, “I got a call from them so I rushed to their house, thanked Shaaban and gave him the money,” a grateful Abouelrouss tells us, “I am so happy, I feel like my life has returned to normal."