Saturday April 20th, 2024
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Check Out Anghami's New Special Ramadan Features

You can get Quran readings, mosalsalat soundtracks and more!

Staff Writer

Check Out Anghami's New Special Ramadan Features

If there’s one thing that the folks at Anghami love more than music and podcasts, it’s special occasions – and Ramadan is no different. Spurred on even more by the fact that the Holy Month has arrived amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the streaming platform is celebrating Ramadan with a range of special features.

Users will have noticed that the Anghami logo has changed to a custom, Ramadan-themed icon – but it’s not just for show. As part of the month’s seasonal festivities, a special Explore page has been created where users can access a range of different Ramadan-appropriate content. It includes religious and educational podcasts, Adeeyah and Anasheed, the Quran, Ramadan mosalsalat soundtracks, and video and audio tips for cooking and fasting, as well as specially-curated playlists for kids, youth and adults alike. Reading the Quran is a Ramadan tradition for many, so Anghami has also launched a feature that has divided the Quran into 30 juz’ (sections) which users can receive daily, while also choosing from one of three different Quarii (reciters).

Another new feature comes in the form of an automated alarm clock function that will play the azaan on sunset to signal maghrib, as well as an alarm of the voice of the Musaharati, who traditionally wakes fasters up before dawn for sohour – yeah, they’ve really gone all-out this year. Check it out for yourself.