Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Citystars Worker Fired For Sexual Harassment

This is why it's worth it to actually report and spread awareness of harassment in order for justice to prevail.

Staff Writer

Citystars Worker Fired For Sexual Harassment

In an ideal Egyptian scenario, women can report sexual harassment to police officers and security guards, action would be taken and the harasser would be punished. However, this doesn't often constitute the reality as many women choose to ignore the harassment as to not bring more attention to themselves. 

There is a post that has been gaining a lot of attention in the last two days that tells of the experience of an Egyptian, called Samar Qamara, with harassment at CityStars mall and what she decided to do about it. 

Qamara was walking by with her 11-year-old sister when a man started harassing her and making jokes along with his friend. No matter how much Qamara tried to recruit the help of a nearby security guard or passerbys they wouldn't help her and said it wasn't any of their business because the harassment didn't occur in the mall itself. Frustrated and running out of patience, Qamara decided to take pictures and a video of the harasser who didn't even take the gesture seriously. 

Equipped with the footage she had, she went to ask help from another security guard who insisted that the first one do his job and help her out. The harasser eventually started getting worried and getting away. However, he had mentioned that he worked at Virgin Megastore. 

Qamara went to the shop and asked around about the worker, showed the crew pictures of him and they let her know she would be notified once they figured out if he worked there or not. So she then went to the main security office and they let her know they would also notify her when they found out the harasser's identity. 

Yesterday, late at night, Quality Egypt store released an announcement on their Facebook page saying that the person in question, who it turned out worked for them and not for Virgin Megastore, had been identified and let go.