Thursday April 18th, 2024
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David Mayer Zigzags His Way to Cairo This Thursday Night

With more and more underground artists performing in Cairo, Zigzag brings in David Mayer of German label Keinemusic.

Staff Writer

David Mayer Zigzags His Way to Cairo This Thursday Night

Zigzag is the multi-faceted Downtown club that refuses to be placed under any label or category; with their schedule ranging from live music, to House and Techno nights, it aims to accommodate a wide range of audiences. This coming Thursday in partnership with Space Sharm, Zigzag brings in David Mayer from Keinemusic to take over for a night's worth of House and Techno.

The man behind the sound has been putting out one release after the other of high quality dance music. Debuting on Keinemusic in 2009, Mayer has been able to place himself above any genre specific labelling, always experimenting with different sounds. His love for bouncy, dance floor shaking, 4/4 beats does not get sidetracked though and is shown in his mixes as as well as his productions. Regardless of whether you're into his music, one cannot deny his talent. If you haven’t heard his sounds yet, jump on board.

A night like this needs a touch of Egyptian flare too though, hence Zigzag is bringing in local deck dazzler Aly B. The prolific DJ has been an essential of the Egyptian underground scene for years now, and his sound is not one that needs an introduction - basically if you don't know who Aly B is then you don't deserve to go to any underground parties in Cairo ever again. He is one of the very first residents of some of Cairo's biggest parties; a man that is a master of his craft and who will be a definite addition to tomorrow night's line-up.

You can find out more about Zigzag's event on their Facebook here or follow them on Instagram @zigzag.cairo.