Tuesday June 25th, 2024
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Dinner With a Side of Divorce

In the latest case of Gulf divorce to hit the headlines, one Kuwaiti woman leaves her husband for lack of table manners...

Staff Writer

Dinner With a Side of Divorce

A Kuwaiti woman kicked her hubby to the kerb after discovering his secret food fetish - refusing to eat peas with a fork. The furious wife hit the roof and filed for divorce just one week after walking down the aisle because her husband insisted on using bread to mop up his dinner. 


Court papers claim she accused her former lover of failing to abide by table manners and proper eating etiquette. Meanwhile, she also said that she was disgusted by the “shocking sight” and could not stay with her husband the rest of life and wanted a divorce.

However, the case is not the only bizarre love split highlighted in the Gulf recently.

In another episode, a woman told her lawyer that she wanted to divorce her husband for insisting on squeezing the toothpaste tube in the middle and not the end.“We are always arguing,” she reportedly said. “I keep telling him that he should squeeze in the end of the tube, but he stubbornly refuses and keeps squeezing it in the middle. He is so obstinate.”

And who could forget the Saudi man who divorced his wife for allegedly finding a single cigarette in her handbag?

And in another divorce issue, a man ditched his wife after she refused to bring him a glass of water, and arguing that there was a domestic helper who could do it. The husband reportedly asked her a second time, but she again refused. Moments later he told her that their married life was over and that he was divorcing her.

Domestic servants, pea sandwiches, wives...oh, how the other half live.