Friday June 14th, 2024
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Easter Festival at Downtown Kattameya

While we didn't get the memo that it's still Easter, Downtown Mall is still in that festive spirit, hosting a massive day of food, fun and fabulous shopping this Friday.

Staff Writer

Easter Festival at Downtown Kattameya

Easter may be over – like well over – but Downtown Kattameya is still stuck in the festive swing. Which is okay by us, we really wish the government, and you know, our office, had gotten the memo that Easter was still on. Like, HELLO GUYS, Downtown Kattameya says it’s still Easter. Why are we at work right now and not eating feseekh on a beach somewhere? Jeez.

So anyway, as part of their Easter Festival, the Kattameya hub is hosting The Fresh Market. This Friday the 17th, grab your friends, grab your family, and head up there for a day filled with shopping and food. These bazaars are always the best place to feast – which is all anyone really wants to do on any given Friday. There’s gonna be some nomnoms, oodles of pretty stuff to browse through, and some music to boot.  

All of this will be in the sprawling outdoor venue where spring is in the air and it’s fresh and there are butterflies roaming around and birds are breaking out into song. Or something like that. No but really, there will be everything from Dead Sea products to nut butters so we wouldn’t miss it. Also, there will be cotton candy and a chocolate fountain. And those are the only two things a human needs.

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