Thursday June 13th, 2024
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Eat More Mangoes!

Beymen Cafe are fueling Egyptians' passion for the glorious fruit with a seasonal menu dedicated to mangoes.

Staff Writer

Eat More Mangoes!

If there’s one fruit Egyptians love, it’s mangoes. A walk through any marketplace in Cairo will be provided with the soundtrack of a million fruit sellers yelling manga!” and many of us will have memories of mama walking through the door with a bag filled to bursting with the wonderful stuff. Suffice it to say, mangoes are popular. That’s why Beymen Cafe in the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel at Nile Plaza will be bringing you all-out mango madness until the end of mango season. Mangoes, on top of being delicious, bring a swath of health benefits. For example, they help prevent certain types of cancer, normalise insulin levels in diabetics, clears skin and lowers cholesterol levels.

With sweet dishes like chocolate mango mousse, mango cheesecake and the delicious mango tart alongside more savoury dishes like the Tandoori chicken and mango salad and a selection of mango infused sushi rolls, this is a veritable treasure trove for fans of the delicious yellow fruit. And maybe you’ll decide to wash it down with one of their frosty mango cocktails.

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