Friday April 19th, 2024
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Egypt Announces New COVID-19 & Vaccination Measures

Certain unvaccinated workers will be barred from the workplace, but the vaccine against COVID-19 will be easier to get than ever.

Cairo Scene

Egypt Announces New COVID-19 & Vaccination Measures

Egypt has recently announced a series of new measures against the COVID-19 pandemic. The government hopes to speed up the rate in which Egyptian citizens are vaccinated through the implementation of these new rules, with the Ministry of Health and Population having set their sights on vaccinating 40 million people by the end of 2021.

Starting November 15th, certain employees are mandated to receive the vaccine or agree to take a weekly PCR test. Unvaccinated citizens will also be barred from all government buildings, as of December 1st. To get more people vaccinated, citizens will be able to visit any vaccination centre and take the vaccine without prior registration, according to a spokesman from the Council of Ministers.

There will be new, fixed vaccination sites at places with large groups of people such as courts, metro stations and train stations. These vaccination sites will also be set up in front of mosques and churches on Friday and Sunday, respectively. Mosques will be allowed to re-open their bathroom, given that they adhere to precautionary health measures.

If a citizen registered for the vaccine beforehand and did not receive a confirmation message,  they will be able to reactivate the request on the website, and a message will be sent within 24 hours.