Thursday June 1st, 2023
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Egypt May Ban Whatsapp

Communication Minister confirms claims that authorities are considering banning Whatsapp and Viber...

Staff Writer

There is a lot of speculation that Egyptian government may ban Whatsapp and Viber, smartphone applications that provide free texting and calling. According to Atef Helmy, Communication Minister, the decision has not been made yet. “I have to be clear: I said no decision has been made at all with regards to banning Viber and Whatsapp," he said. “Because some people said we'd already made a decision, which caused some disturbances.” Amr Badawy, Head of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority cited that the reason for a possible ban would be to financial and security concerns. "These applications allow subscribers to make free calls, messages and share files while their sources remain unknown. Pre-paid applications will face losses," he explained.