Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Egyptian Desert Force Champion Defends Title In Egypt On Monday

For the first time ever, Desert Force, the Middle East Largest MMA league, will be holding an event in Egypt where Egyptian middleweight champion Ibrahim El Sawi will have the chance to defend his title at home.

Staff Writer

Egyptian Desert Force Champion Defends Title In Egypt On Monday

Watching two grown men fighting has been a spectator sport that probably dates back to the dawn of man. Over the ages the rules or styles may change, however, the goal remains the same: knock the shit out of your opponent. The latest combat spectacle taking the world by storm is none other than mixed martial arts. Looking to develop the Middle East’s amateur athletes to compete at the professional international level is none other than Desert Force. Launched in 2010, this league continues to exponentially grow with each passing event, none arguably as big as Monday night' fight with Egyptian champion Ibrahim El Sawi defending his title at home in the first ever Desert Force Fight in Egypt.

Taking place in the Shooting Club in 6th of October is none other than Desert Force’s first Egyptian event. Headlining the night is Egyptian middleweight champion Ibrahim El Sawi, who will face off against number one contender, Lebanon’s Mohammad Karaki. Both fighters have taken part in the reality show that airs on MBC, and will enter the event leading two teams: the Red Team and the Blue team.

This first of its kind of event in Egypt is one not to be missed, as it isn’t every day that Egyptians get to cheer on a homegrown champion. The fight card is a full deck of diverse fighters from across the Middle East that promises to quench anyone’s blood lust. From Muay Thai fighters to Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, Monday night will be a showcase that highlights the variation in martial art styles.

The event's fight card is as follows:

Mohammad Karaki (Lebanon) VS Ibrahim El Sawi (Egypt)
Mohammad Ouji (Tunisia) VS Osama Saidi (Egypt)
Otman Najae (Morocco) VS Ahmed Labban (Lebanon)
Muhammed Alaa (Egypt) VS Abdulrahman Ben Dridi (Tunisia)

If you are a fan of fake fighting entertainment soap operas like WWE, then prepare to have your mind blown by actual fighters bleeding at the hands of their opponents instead of by a concealed razor used to make WWE fighters bloody. Desert Force is real combat and hopefully Egyptians will be flocking to this fight night and supporting our champion in his bid to retain his title.

For more information on this event, check it out on Facebook or catch the fight live on MBC.