Tuesday May 30th, 2023
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Egyptian Oxford Valedictorian Mohamed ElDahshan Lashes Out at UK Authorities

"Hi. I just graduated from Oxford. I’m Valedictorian. You rejected my father’s visa." –Mohamed El Dahshan.

Staff Writer

Mohamed El Dahshan, an economist, and a recent graduate of Oxford University, where he received an MBA and gave the closing graduation speech, called the UK's Foreign Office “flawed, racist and despicably pretentious” for denying his father entry to the country in order to attend the ceremony.

The father, Kamal El Dahshan, is a renowned Emeritus Professor who travelled the world with during his exceptional academic career. Currently, he resides in Cairo, and was denied entry to the UK based on the possilblity of "outstaying his welcome," according to Huffing Post. 

The younger El Dahshan says his family was barred from seeing him graduate, due to an obvious discrimination against people of colour, adding that the officials responsible have “broken an old man’s heart” with their “terrible judgement." El Dahshan did not shy away from taking it to Twitter, where he is one of the most influential Egyptians, to express his disappointment and sadness with the decision that denied him one of the most important days in his life with his family.