Sunday May 19th, 2024
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Egyptian Wives Ranked #1 Internationally for Beating Their Husbands

Official statistics show that almost 30 percent of women beat their husbands.

Staff Writer

Egyptian Wives Ranked #1 Internationally for Beating Their Husbands

Egyptians always love to be on top, and Egyptian women made that happen in a vigorous competition with other women of the world. According to Sada El Balad News, the official government statistics that just came out from the Family Law Court confirm that 28 per cent of Egyptian women have/do beat their husbands.

Out of that percentage, 66 per cent have filed for divorce or annulment – the reason being that men's response to physical violence is topping women with their legal immunity through accusing their wives of recalcitrance.

The news source also reports that the statistics also revealed information about items used in physical violence, such as slippers, sharp weapons, belts, needles, utensils, and sometimes they roofie their husbands, so they beat their husbands with no resistance in return. The same source reveals that the percentage of women who beat their husbands is 23 per cent in the United States, 17 per cent in the U.K., and 11 per cent in India.

While some men do experience violence and we do not condone any form of abuse against them, it is still critical to keep in mind that Egyptian women are more prone to experiencing physical violence in different forms; this includes domestic, public, verbal, physical and gender-based sexual violence. In 2013, Amnesty International's study in Egypt showed 47% women have experienced domestic violence. Luckily, there are many centres and organisations tackling gender-based violence in Egypt, and working towards eradicating the phenomena and treating the victims.