Monday April 22nd, 2024
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Everyone Ubering in Sahel Next Weekend Wins Free Ariika Comfort Goodies

That's right, everyone!

Staff Writer

Everyone Ubering in Sahel Next Weekend Wins Free Ariika Comfort Goodies

Most Egyptian millennials have vivid memories of the hell it was being in Sahel if you didn't own a car just a few years ago; going to the beach in a different compound entailed spending hours of failed hitchhiking attempts followed by equally traumatising attempts to prove that you could actually afford to be granted the honour of entry to a lavishly overrated beach club.

The struggle was brought to a very welcomed end when Uber irrevocably changed how Egyptians commute once and for all. Now we casually strut down to any compound in an air-conditioned luxury car with our very own private chauffeurs like it's the most natural thing in the world. And apparently it doesn't stop there; starting next weekend, everyone (you read that right!) Uber-ing in Sahel will be in for a real treat. You won't only be getting to your destination faster and in more style than ever, but you will also find endless ariika surprises in your luxury rides; from mini mats, air puffs to the signature ariika memory foam pillows. If your first instinct is to snap a selfie with your new goodies, make sure to post them to Instagram while mentioning @Uber_Egypt and @AriikaComfort for a chance to win even bigger as ariika's brand new comfort innovation BLOXX chair is also up for grabs.

Your BLOXX Chair doing Sahel right

Buckle up Sahelites, for your Uber rides next weekend will be nothing short of abso-riika-comfort.

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