Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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A Food Fairy Tale at The Cairo Capital Club

This week, the Cairo Capital Club puts on an epic culinary tale, as Italian Executive Chef Vincenzo Guglielmi tells his story with an impressive five-course menu.

Staff Writer

A Food Fairy Tale at The Cairo Capital Club

Once upon a time, there was a majestic palace high above the streets of Cairo. People would look up to the palace and glance at its grandeur as they had heard that the best dishes in all of the lands were cooked up in its splendid kitchen that nobody had ever seen before. Inside the palace, a culinary wizard who had cooked for all of his life was looking down at all the people gazing up and decided that the day had come that every person in Cairo should have the chance to literally have a piece of the cake. His name was Vincenzo…

What sounds like the beginning of a beautiful fairy tale is the beginning of the new Cairo Capital Club Food Fusion event taking place on February 26th, 2015. As soon as the last dish is served in our favourite dining event at the Garden City venue, suspense is mounting over what to expect from the next one. This time, Cairo Capital Club’s invitations to the best chefs in all of Cairo will be extended to Chef Vincenzo Guglielmi, the Executive Chef at Concorde El Salam Hotel, who is promising a fairy tale dinner and, having a look at the menu, we can only imagine what that will be like.

The menu itself tells a story. The beautiful fairy tale of how the best ingredients in the city come together for a perfect meal will be legendary, but for now all we hear is “Oh my gosh, this sounds delicious!” The five course meal is the ultimate fulfilment of any culinary desire and will no doubt see us go home happily ever after. The magical setting of the Cairo Capital Club will contribute to our dreams coming true before our eyes, as soft piano and violin tunes, a selection of wines and impeccable service will take us to an enchanted place. Yes, this is in Cairo, not Neverland.

Chef Vincenzo Guglielmi's own story reads itself like a fairy tale. Born and raised in the town of Castellana Grotte in Italy, he started working at local kitchens at the age of 13 where he says he fell in love for the first time... with cooking! To improve his skills, he ventured out to far away countries such as Singapore, Germany, Kuwait, Finland, Venezuela, Great Britain, and Russia. When his chariot landed in Egypt, he cooked for everyone from Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh to Dahab. He is now keen to tell his story… on a plate. Don’t miss it!

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