Friday April 19th, 2024
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FIFA Threatens To Suspend Egypt's International Membership

FIFA has threatened to suspend Egypt's international membership over regulation of internal football affairs after Egypt ruled against the EFA in a case of institutional corruption.

Staff Writer

FIFA Threatens To Suspend Egypt's International Membership

Egypt has received a warning from the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, better known as FIFA, threatening to suspend its membership internationally for interfering in the affairs of the Egyptian Football Association (EFA), according to Nile International.

The news source claims that the EFA's executive board was recently dissolved after a court found them guilty of electoral fraud in the organisation's 2012 elections, and a new board is supposed to be elected later in September of this year. According to FIFA, national governments are not allowed to interfere with issues relating to football.

FIFA did not make it clear, however, how Egypt is supposed to proceed when it is faced with institutional corruption but apparently trials and judges are not the way to go. The EFA board has appealed the court's initial decision and the court will make a ruling on May 8th. The EFA asked all involved parties to not speak about the issue until it’s resolved and its chairman, Gamal Allam, proposed his resignation to avoid causing any international troubles for Egypt if the boar'ds appeal is not upheld.

The Minister of Sports, Khaled Abd el Aziz, has stated that he can potentially solve any legal complications that may arise if the courts do not uphold the EFAs appeal, as per Nile International.