Friday June 14th, 2024
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Finance Ministry Considers Introducing EGP 2 Coin

Say goodbye to chewing gum in place of change.

Staff Writer

Finance Ministry Considers Introducing EGP 2 Coin

There’s a good chance that we might get two pound coins, the Finance Ministry announced on Tuesday, according to Egypt Independent.

This would facilitate change issues and make buying and selling easier; finally, we might get normal change instead of a piece of (delicious) Trident gum.

The Finance Ministry also added that they would put out larger quantities of coins in the market across different categories to deal with these change issues.

The Public Treasure Authority distributes EGP 7 million coins every month across different governmental bodies in different categories, such as 25 piasters, 50 piasters, and EGP 1. The metro accounts for a massive 40% of the total coins put into the market.

Chewing gum is often used by vendors instead of change in Egypt. In pharmacies, you might get a disposable shaving blade, or effervescent salts for digestion issues/heartburn. Hopefully this is the first step to getting actual change, and coins will always be preferred to the flimsy one pound bills.

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