Saturday September 30th, 2023
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GUC Professor Fired for Student's 'Immoral Work'

After daring to allow his students draw naked ladies, a GUC professor was let go and his student's projects destroyed.

Staff Writer

Professor of architecture at the German University in Cairo, among several other international schools, Tarek Naga received an email last week informing him that the GUC administration terminated his contract. 

Speaking to Mada Masr, Naga tells that two of his student's graduation projects were determined by the university to be "immoral" and their drawings were torn up in the exhibition hall. The subject of the projects? "Nudity in the history of humanity" and "feminine divinity across civilizations." The apparent immorality of such subject matter led the administration to let Naga go.  

After Naga received the email, he spoke with the dean of the department, Tamer al-Khorazaty who expressed his support for the professor. Khorazaty advised Naga to contact GUC's administration and explain his perspective on the matter. Naga refused.

“My stance was that had I entered into a discussion with them, it would essentially mean that they are in the right. If they have an objection, it is required that they notify the professor in question — and this did not happen," Naga told Mada Masr, continuing that the administration does not "have the right to tear-up or destroy a student’s work. It is an insult to the department and all its students.”

GUC students, sympathetic to Naga's plight, have begun using the #GUC_Censorship to express their frustrations and dissatisfaction with the university's actions. The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression recently reported that there have been several other instances of academic freedoms being infringed upon in Egypt.