Thursday April 18th, 2024
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Heineken Sandbox Line-Up!

Heineken is taking charge of the summer once again with another massive Sandbox party, organised by the same geniuses who iconisized Friday nights in Cairo, the Nacelle crew. It's set to be seriously wild...

Staff Writer

Heineken Sandbox Line-Up!

Heineken is hosting the massive Sandbox party on the beach this summer and it's organised by Nacelle. It'll be exactly like when you were a kid playing in the sandbox. You know, making castles, digging holes, jumping up and down frantically to 4 x 4 beats, and getting wasted. Ahh, just like the playground. 

And just like Nacelle became the bar for what parties should be about in the city, they're bringing that same happy-go-lucky vibe to the beach with the focus on the music and of course, industrial amounts of Heineken beer to sip on in the sunshine.
Here's who's spinning and why you should listen to them:
M.A.N.D.Y needs no introduction to the dance music connoisseurs, they're the brains behind the iconic Get Physical label and veterans of house music for many years now. 
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Edu Imbernon
Edu is a real treat from Spain, an artist on a stellar rise with piercing beats and an amazing knowledge of dance floor politics. Edu boasts as a real magician, having just rocked the OFF Sonar Culprit LA party and on track to set Ibiza on fire this summer. 
Jam Blomqvist
We can go on about his dreamy indie vocals backed up by a three-person arrangement of his live chimerical beats but how about you just watch this, and then imagine that performance on the beach. Wawza.
They dived into the scene as one of Cairo's brightest stars with their flowing House arrangements integrated beautifully with Amr Khaled's guitar riffs and their light hasn't dulled since. They'll be performing new material at Sandbox.
Luis Leon
A Peruvian Deep House DJ unlike any other, he has found his home in a brooding, moody eclectic soundscape perfect for when the sun goes down, and the party goes on.
Another Deep House DJ whose carved out his own unique sound that includes the sort of melodic chords that feel like they've beamed down right from the sun and into your pumping heart. He's also apparently been doing something similar in his hometown of Geneva with his Folies Douces parties that Nacelle have been doing in Cairo.
Hisham Zahran
Nacelle resident and deck head. Inconceivably talented and precise, he won't let you miss a beat with what is guaranteed to be another magical set from the House DJ.
His 'House of Sebzz' sets on SceneNoise have spread like wildfire across Cairo's party scene and amongst House afficionados. He's going to get his well deserved big break in front of a buzzing crowd at Sandbox
All this kicks off from noon until midnight on June 20th at Splash Water Sports Ghazala Bay.