Friday May 24th, 2024
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Hit the Road with Converse

Taking local talent and a truck load of shoes on a road trip around Cairo, Converse are offering us street gigs by High on Body Fat and Grey Grass, as well as discounts on shoes at every pit stop!

Staff Writer

Hit the Road with Converse

The number one choice in footwear for musicians across the world (and most of the CairoScene team), Converse are taking their shoes and hitting the road, starting tomorrow, November 1st.  Joining them are some of Cairo's beloved musical acts who will be putting on street performances that really embody the Converse lifestyle, for anyone and everyone to go and see. With six stops on their road show, half the gigs will feature the comedic musical styles of High on Body Fat while the remaining three will be showcasing the very talented Grey Grass, who are known for putting an Indie spin on all your favourite classic Rock tracks.

High on Body Fat

We caught up with one half of High on Body Fat, Marwan Imam, who couldn’t be more eager to kick off the festivities tomorrow, with the first street gig outside the Om Kalthoum statue on Abu El Feda Street in Zamalek. “We're really excited about representing a brand we actually like for a change. We wear Converse sneakers more than any other shoe, for that matter," he says. Malak Makar, the frontwoman for Grey Grass, is looking forward to putting on a show too: "I think bringing musicians out on the street is a cool initiative. Performances in public are more exciting and I'm hoping will attract a lot of people."

Grey Grass

Here's the real kicker. At every pit stop the cool Converse truck will make across Cairo, you’ll get a chance to buy yourself a new pair of Chuck Taylors with a discount! It is always great when a legendary company takes note of local talent and offers the younger generation an easy way into the lifestyle, so we’ll be following the truck around town! If you too think it’s time to take our feet and our beats to the streets, check out the schedule below and find out which stop is nearest to you:

Friday, 1st of November - High On Body Fat, Om Kalthoum, Zamalek at 2 pm.

Thursday. 7th of November - Grey Grass, Street 9, Maadi.

Friday, 8th of November - Grey Grass, Arkan, 6th of October.

Monday, 11th of November - High On Body Fat, AUC Campus.

Friday, 15th of November - Grey Grass, Downtown Mall, Fifth Settlement.

Tuesday, 19th of November - High on Body Fat, MSA Campus.