Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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ID Black Onyx Heads to Milan

ID's premium label Black Onyx is launching in Milan and this is your chance to win a trip to the massive welcome party in Italy...

Staff Writer

ID Black Onyx Heads to Milan

If there’s anything we love in this world, it’s good vodka and a good party. There isn’t a party we’ve missed, a bottle we haven’t tried, or a cocktail we haven’t tasted. We’ve travelled far and wide looking for the best drinks but it turns out we don’t have to. You might remember that last year, we hopped on the ID Destinations tour for the Black Onyx launch in Dubai and found that there's nothing that gets a party started quite as well as ID’s premium label vodka, Black Onyx.

Winning a whole host of  international rewards and being received brilliantly by some of the best clubs in London, Barcelona and Beirut, the locally-distilled vodka has proven its standing among the heavy-weights and now they're taking the premium bottle on tour once more, showing the world that Egyptians know good drinking. This year, style-capital Milan gets its chance to sip on Black Onyx with a massive launch party in one of the city’s coolest clubs and one lucky winner and their guest will be right there alongside the unmistakable bottle. 

So how do you get your ticket for the hottest party of the year? Pure luck.  Luck, and drinking, that is.

ID will be travelling around three of the city's hotspots with a slot machine and scratchcards to test your fortunes. Try your chances on all sorts of games and if it's in the cards for you, you'll be part of the final few, one of which will be drawn at random to win tickets, accommodation and entrance to the Black Onyx launch in Milan, along with a friend. Increase your chances of winning by getting your night really going and ordering ID’s special cocktails or your very own bottle of Black Onyx. Each cocktail comes with three scratchcards, while the bottle gets you a whopping 15, all of which will increase your chances of winning, giving you serial numbers  that will automatically enter you into the draw.

There's plenty of other prizes on offer too for those who don't make it to the final - you might walk home with a pair of beats headphones, speakers or even get a few cocktails whipped up for you, on the house. Your first chance to win big will be at Amici Heliopolis this Tuesday, 11th June, when the Black Onyx crew take over the restaurant and bar with all their fun and games, as well as cool entertainment courtesy of soul songstress Shaimaa Sharaf and a crazy caricaturist. Then, ID heads to Graffiti and, finally, Tamarai.

If you can’t make it to these events, you’ve still got a chance to win the grand prize and jet on over to Milan. Head to any Drinkies outlet and purchase any of ID’s signature bottles – whether ID Edge is your thing, or you like your vodka neat, straight out of the classic or Black Onyx bottle – and you’ll get up to three scratchcards that you can win instant ID prizes (we’ve got our eyes on the sleek cocktail shakers and martini glasses),  while the serial codes will enter you in the draw for the Milan trip, as well giving you a chance to win an iPod.

Stay tuned to the CairoScene Calendar to find out where you can win next and check out ID Cocktail's Facebook page here