Saturday September 30th, 2023
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International Women's Day at Cairo Jazz Club

Celebrating women who dare to break the mould, Cairo Jazz Club invites Aya Metwalli, Cherine Amr and more local ladies to take the stage with their unique sounds this Tuesday, 10th March.

Staff Writer

On Sunday, March 8, 2015, the world celebrates women, their ability to give life, their beauty and how they make the world a better place on International Women’s Day. Women are empowering, fascinating and independent, and International Women’s Day aims to portray the strength and importance of women in every society. On Tuesday, March 10, Cairo will pay tribute to women in its very own way. And what better way could there be than to invite some of Egypt's most talented women to take the stage at Cairo Jazz Club? That’s what the purveyors of local musical talent thought as well and as a result, Aya Metwalli, Cheen (AKA Cherine Amr) and some special guests are hitting the famous stage to celebrate themselves and women with an impeccable display of talent, music and what a woman’s voice can do to change the world.

Aya Matwalli, already a name in Cairo’s music scene, has waited for this huge day for women to make her Cairo Jazz Club debut. It’s not like Metwalli can’t get her guitar out and produce angelic vocals but for the big party, she will bring her inner dancing queen out. Her experimental sets along with her Arabic vocals are unique and encouraging so that women and men alike will thank God such women grace the face of this earth. Following Metwalli, Cheen will unleash her Egyptian Indie Pop stylings on the crowds to make for an unforgettable night.

Seldom has a group of women made a bigger influence on the Cairo music scene. The cream of female performers this country has to offer will get every woman (and man) dancing because women’s voices sound nicer, women’s hips shake better and women’s hair looks prettier when it’s moving to the music. This night celebrates women and the best way to do that is show support and get a groove on. That’s exactly what the ladies at Cairo Jazz Club will be doing all night on the 10th of March.