Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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Jewish relics approved by the Ministry of Antiquities as official artefacts

13 artefacts have been officially approved.

Staff Writer

Jewish relics approved by the Ministry of Antiquities as official artefacts

The Ministry of State of Antiquities in Egypt has approved 13 Jewish relics as official artefacts. The objects were found in synagogues in Alexandria and other Egyptian governorates, and include Torah scrolls, candlesticks, and lanterns. The Supreme Council is in preparation for listing them under the Antiquities Protection Law.

Mohamed Mahran, Head of the Central Department of Jewish Antiquities at Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, revealed to Al-Masry Al-Youm that scientific and technical committees had gathered 500 pieces from 13 different synagogues for submission as artefacts.
Only 13 were selected as antiquities in accordance with regulations so far, notably because they were over a century old and had a complex history. The remaining 487 pieces will be prepared for further study and examination.

The collection of 500 pieces that are being examined came from a larger group of 6,000 total relics studied by scientific and technical committees, including archaeology professors and experts from the ministry.

Mahran expressed excitement at the approval to register the pieces as antiquities, saying that the move is the first of its kind. Is this a positive step in the direction of diversifying religious tourism in Egypt? Let us know in the comments below.