Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Kozbara Kitchen

Kozbara... Mish lazem takol bara!

Staff Writer

Despite rhyming like Hezbollah, Kozbara is actually really tasty and has yet to kill anyone. Quite the opposite, in fact. The New Cairo-based catering service offers up fresh and healthy cuisine, with ingredients sourced from only organic Egyptian produce. The idea is perfect for those times where you're living by yourself, having ordered junk food for the last 10 meals and you feel like another bite of plastic fries will leave you in the hospital and you pine for your mama and her delicious macarona bel ferakh pane or salata tuna. Well, consider Kozbara your new mama (mish lazem takol bara)! Kozbara will deliver anything from their gratifyingly wide selection of indubitably palatable international cuisine, which mixes the best of home-cooking and haute food, as well as a scrumptious desert menu that includes sweet and savoury crepes.

We actually found out about them from their Instagram page. As perpetual masochists, scrolling through their feed of perfectly laid-out dishes was satisfying to say the least. Do you know how good spiced cannelloni or bolognaise looks in Brannan whilst you’re fasting? And speaking of fasting, Kozbara are also offering up a special Ramadan menu featuring your favourite Egyptian dishes this month so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of cooking for the whole family but you can still probably take the credit. Kozbara also specialise in catering big events and weddings, providing an eclectic array of customised spreads, plus services for that special day.

So whether ordering at the office, too busy to cook at home or have an event to be catered, it won’t kill you to give Kozbara Kitchen a call.

You can check them out on their Fanpage or call them on 0109 976 2388