Sunday April 14th, 2024
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Mince Mania

Mince Burgers are launching a brand new menu and there's free burgers involved...

Staff Writer

Mince Mania

If there's anything we like more than burgers, it's free burgers (or Channing Tatum feeding us chocolate covered strawberries, but that's neither here nor there). As passionate advocates of the free burger movement (or just the free food movement in general), we are thrilled about Mince's relaunch, which will involve – you guessed it – free burgers for all (our inner fat kids are doing a little happy dance right now).

The burger gurus are launching a brand spanking new menu this Saturday and in honour of this, they're channeling their inner Oprah and giving all their hungry fans free food. You get a free burger, you get a free burger, EVERYONE GETS A FREE BURGER!!! All you have to do is show them a little love and post an Instagram video of yourself saying "mmmmMINCE" using the hashtag #MMMince and tag @MinceBurgersEg and you get to trot on over to their store on Saturday, and cure your Friday night hangover by digging into a juicy, delicious burger of your choice. Oh, and you get to bring a friend too. So really, you can pretend to be taking your friend out for burgers and say it's your treat and not pay a penny. Check out our entry below:

Check out Mince's Facebook page here or follow them on Twitter here