Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Mohamed Abdel Wahab Statue Now Looks Like A Nutella-Covered Hosni Mubarak

A high school project drastically changes a historical statue of the late musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab.

Staff Writer

Mohamed Abdel Wahab Statue Now Looks Like A Nutella-Covered Hosni Mubarak

The statue of late musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab stands deformed, painted gold and brown, in the district of Bab el-Sha'ariya, thanks to the students of the Giza Technical Secondary School for Girls. The school that undertook the project, according to Youm 7, is the school with the highest scoring students in technical studies in the country.

The district's residents expressed their anger towards the botched up work as pictures surfaced on Facebook, where commenters made jokes about the statue looking like a Nutella Hosni Mubarak, but also expressed their anger. Meanwhile, the District Chief of Bab el-Sha'ariya said that the district’s residents were all very happy with the results, adding that the sidewalks have been re-coloured in celebration of the newly-coloured statue, and that the Deputy Minister of Education saw the statue and called it a masterpiece, and asked for the same students to take up the beautification of all of Cairo's districts. Please, God, have mercy on our monuments! We here at CairoScene do not like the poop-coloured statue, nor do we wish for anything similar to manifest in the beautiful neighbourhoods we live in, especially Zamalek; and stay the fuck away from the Om Kalthoum statue there, too. You got Mohamed Abdel Wahab; let Om Kalthoum go.