Friday June 14th, 2024
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Putting a spotlight on Muslim talent, the first Music of Muslim Origin Awards are set to go down in Manchester, UK, this December.

Staff Writer


A bit like when you’re the only brown kid in school and the other kids are a bit weirded out and won’t play with you so you make friends with the other brown kids in a corner, UK-based Muslim music and media event organizers GNA Academy have launched The MOMOs (Music of Muslim Origin) which is basically the Muslim version of the Grammys. Categories will include “Best Nasheed” (Islamic vocal music), “Best Muslim TV Show” and “Best Muslim Presenter” and the awards will put a spotlight on global Islamic talents. The first ceremony will be held in Manchester this December. Some of the nominees have already been announced including Lebanese/Swedish singer Maher Zain and South-African born Zain Bhikha who are both nominated for “International Male Solo Artist of the Year” while renowned Danish group Outlandish has been nominated for the “Best Nasheed” category. The initiative is the brainchild of Esharat Nasar-Ahmed, who told  Your Middle East: “There has been little or no opportunity to showcase or celebrate the huge achievements Muslims have and are making to the music and media industry.” It’s just a matter of time until Amanda Bynes releases a single called MashaAllah.