Friday February 23rd, 2024
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New Workshop Questions 'Dear Egypt, Should I Stay or Should I Go?'

In case you thought you were the only one questioning whether to stay in Egypt or get out of here, there's an entire workshop dedicated to answering this seemingly unanswerable question.

Staff Writer

Fun fact: Joe Strummer, lead singer of The Clash, lived in Cairo for a while. That may or may not be the driving force behind their hit song Should I Stay or Should I Go. It seems like everybody and their mama in this country is asking the same thing – do I stay in the motherland or do I get on out of here? The pros and cons are endless, but the decision-making process is tough. Need a hand? There's a workshop for that! 

Life 101 Coaching and Leadership Training is hosting a 'Shall I Leave or Shall I Stay' workshop for indecisive people who can't make important big kid decisions. Happening bright and early (9 AM) on December 2nd and 3rd, the workshop is "about how what we settled for in the past may not feel as good now," says life coach Moshira Anter, the organiser and facilitator of the workshop.

“We’re going to be working with people to connect them to what is important to them – their core values, whatever they may be," Anter explains. "Conflicting values often leave us questioning what staying here will offer and what leaving can give us.” In a nutshell, what matters to you and how do you delve deep into those things and factor them into your decision? Anter and her co-facilitators are committing two days to helping people figure their stuff out and walking them through the mental, psychological, and emotional process of doing that, because decisions are hard.

It's no walk in the park once you wrap up the workshop and come to a peaceful, convinced decision on the lifelong question of "should I stay or should I go?" That's just the beginning – there's a follow-up support group to make sure you don't pansy out and go back to your indecision. "We help each participant make a decision – a commitment – that they believe they need to stick to," Anter says. "They can pick a group or a partner from the other participants who will stay in touch with them and they will reciprocally offer each other support and encouragement."


Check out the workshop's event page for all their details!