Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Is it a box, is it a bag? No! It's the hottest accessory trend sweeping Egypt's fashionistas. Have you flashed yet?

Staff Writer


In an age where anything goes, where the lines between right and wrong have become so blurred as to be virtually non-existent, box-like bags that look like they ought to be carrying nothing more than a camera are taking the region by storm.

These bags have now become de rigueur amongst the Middle East’s fashionable set. And they don’t even use them to carry cameras. They put ordinary everyday items like keys, mobile phones and lipstick in them!!!!!!!!!! Boys and girls and people in-between, we give you THE FLASHBAG (available to purchase online in Egypt and the Middle East on And the man responsible for this new sartorial development is Egyptian designer Fahd El Gammal.


“Fashion is the art of embellishing the greatest creation; that’s where I start from,” El Gammal told us. “When a girl wears a bag, she wants people to admire that little thing she carries on her shoulder, she wants to be noticed and to put an envious smile on the faces around her.”

But the world is full of bags; big ones and small ones and ones that are very expensive that girls make us buy them even if we can’t afford them, so we become broke and resent them, and then act badly towards them and then they get upset so they dump us and the only way to make it better is to buy them another bag.

So what makes this particular bag so popular?

Pop princess Lara Scandar rocks her Neon Vert Flashbag

El Gammal thinks he knows the answer, “It’s the fact that you can’t miss it in a crowded room. The shape, the colours, the fuchsia lining you can see even from the outside. It all just clicks. Pun absolutely intended.”


FLASHBAGS  (930LE – 990LE) are now available to purchase online or if you don’t know how to use the internet you can call +(2) 3749 7071