Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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Nineteen Twenty Five Just Introduced Early Tuesdays and the Menu is a Mouth-watering Dream

We’ll have the pan-seared Angus Beef Tenderloin, please.

Staff Writer

Amid Nineteen Twenty Five’s insane line-ups and events, we didn’t need more excuses to go there as often as our wallets allowed; yet we just got a brand new non-entertainment related reason.

For a mid-week treat to help us soldier on till Friday, Nineteen Twenty Five has just introduced early dining on Tuesdays, so now you can turn off your phone, wine, dine and listen to good music for a well-deserved break.

The scrumptious menu promises you a very happy tummy. If Nineteen Twenty Five’s dedication in supplying exuberant nightlife experiences is any measure, we’re pretty sure these dishes are here to please.

Made with the freshest of ingredients, the menu offers a variety of cuisines ranging from Norwegian salmon, Italian risotto and your favorite hearty U.S. rib eye. A team of professionally trained chefs will be preparing each dish to perfection to add to your Nineteen Twenty Five experience. We can’t decide what to get our hands on first!  

Join Early Tuesdays and try out the delectable high-end menu on Tuesday October 3rd and you can get to catch songstress Noha Fekry’s soulful sounds too! We know we’ll be there.

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