Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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R4BIA: Hands Up

The Muslim Brotherhood are back, and this time they're showing off their mad Photoshop skills. But as always, the Egyptian sense of humour lashes back.

Staff Writer

R4BIA: Hands Up

If you're anything of an avid social media enthusiast, you would have noticed the weird hand signs and posters that have been popping up everywhere. What are they? What do they mean? Why do people want microbuses to stop for them on Facebook? Contrary to popular belief, however, these posters are not a means to commuting. Rather, it is a sign of solidarity with the Muslim Brotherhood, and how they are against the violent dispersion of their "peaceful" protests in Raba'aAdaweya and El Nahda Square. It all started when Turkish Prime Minister Tayipp Erdogan held up four fingers in one of his speech, a witty play on the word "Raba'a" and as a show that the Muslim Brotherhood has supporters worldwide. Instantly, MB graphic designers got to work, and this poster was born.


What does "R4BIA" mean? Supposedly, it stands for "Raba'a for Brotherhood Independent Army." What we think it really stands for is the Brotherhood's lack of grammatical knowledge. Not ones to let a chance to take the piss out of something slide by, Egyptians utilised their curfew-imposed free time and got to work on some posters of their own. You have to admire the ability of Egyptian people to make light of any situation (and we mean ANY). We here at CairoScene decided to gather some of the funniest posters created as a response to the Muslim Brotherhood's fail of a PR campaign.   

By Ziad Ashraf from Bouklao Illustrations
By Ganzeer
By Hashem Kelesh
By Ganzeer
By Unknown Artist
In fact, CairoScene decided to join in on the fun and made our very own Star Trek-inspired interpertation:
By CairoScene