Sunday May 26th, 2024
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Reebok: Classic Chic 4 Ur Feet

Remember the good old days, when Shadia and Abdel Halim were gracing our screens, and Reebok Classics were on every other pair of feet? We do, and we're here to remind you.

Staff Writer

Reebok: Classic Chic 4 Ur Feet

Today's footwear fashionistas think they've got it made, whether it's super-cool Chucks or cringeworthy Crocs, the selection of swanky footstuff is seemingly endless.

However in today's 'look-at-me' society, we've lost a lot of the classic chic that prevented our forefathers from looking like lemons. Think Old Charlie Kray waltzing 'round London's East End or Princess Diana pre-1997... we're talking the epitome of British classic cool. However, our exclusive CairoScene photos show that swish style of the past wasn't confined to Britain. Check out these previously long lost photographs showing Egypt's colonial kids rocking some super chic Reebok Classics.