Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Roof Bar @ El Villa

Cairo's newest hot spot is heading to Sahel for the summer. Yes, that's right - Roof Bar takes over El Villa at Bianchi...

Staff Writer

Roof Bar @ El Villa

Just when you thought you were going to stay in Cairo for the first summer in ages, Roof Bar give you their come hither eyes by taking over El Villa in Bianchi beach. The stunning beach venue boasts one of the nicest strips of sand and water in all of the North Coast and is set to be one of the only regular party/chill/look hot in a bikini/show off your forma Sahel hotspots this year.

Every weekend until Ramadan, they have a full line up of beach-front, moonlight awesomeness starting this Thursday, 20th June, with two DJ duos that have been lighting up Cairo's nightlife scene for years now: Misty & Hafez AND the Awadi Bros playing epic Deep, Commercial, Progressive House that'll make you want to jump right into the sea to cool off. And when you do you may hear the following conversation between a jellyfish and a seahorse.

Jelly fish: "Ehh ya man, eh el mazzika gamed di?"

Seahorse: "Ah helwa sa7? Roof Bar mawgood sana di!"

Jelly fish:"Gamed fashkh, Da Deep House?"

Seahorse:"Homa aslan mish fahim Deep ya3ni eh, ana Deep awi"

So now you know the music, the weather and the beautiful mise en scene is taken care of, all you have to do is show up! Following Thursday's bangarang, Friday takes an Oriental twist with a live band performance and Lebanese Debka. On Saturday, enjoy an authentic Bedouin barbeque a long with some not so authentic singing for karaoke night. Roof Bar at Bianchi will also be open during the day for you to go chill by the beach/listen to tunes/get a tan/be around hot people/get drunk. 

The venue will continue operations throughout Ramadan as well, as Roof Bar will be setting up a kheima for iftar/sohour/live bands/talking to people when sober. So basically go pack your shit up now, head to Sahel and don't come back. Roof Bar have got the rest covered for you.

Keep up-to-date with Roof Bar and find out how to reserve by joining their Facebook fan page here and following @RoofBarEG on Twitter.