Friday December 8th, 2023
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Egyptians can Watch the World Cup on these Five Satellite Channels

They might not be totally legit, but beggars can’t be choosers now, can they?

Staff Writer

The World Cup is almost literally right around the corner (this Thursday), folks. Although some of you might be lucky enough to have your own beIN subscription or a decent stream to watch it all on, the rest of us might not be as privileged. So we were elated to stumble upon these five “open” channels that claim to be broadcasting all the matches. Whether or not that proves to be true is up to chance and circumstance, but here they are anyway for your (hopefully guaranteed) viewing pleasure.

Canale 5 Italia

Satellite: Hot Bird 1-6
Frequency: 11917/V
Modulation Rate: 27500
Forward Error Correction (FEC): 2/3


Satellite: Eutelsat W3
Frequency: 11637/H
Modulation Rate: 30000
Forward Error Correction (FEC): ¾

ARD Das Este HD

Satellite: Astra 1B-1H + 2C
Frequency: 11494/H
Modulation Rate: 22000
Forward Error Correction (FEC): 2/3


Satellite: Arabsat 2C/2D/3A
Frequency: 11881/H
Modulation Rate: 27500
Forward Error Correction (FEC): ¾


Satellite: Amos
Frequency: 11647/V
Modulation Rate: 27500
Forward Error Correction (FEC): ¾

With any luck, you should get a crystal clear experience from any of these, and if that falls through, we still have a guaranteed 22 matches to be broadcasted on national TV.

Main photo from AP.